OneNote 2010 QuickTip: Resizing the Docked Window

April 18, 2012

I’m a huge fan of the OneNote 2010 docked window feature. I hit the Dock to Desktop button on the title bar, or hit the shortcut key Ctrl+Alt+D and OneNote automagically aligns itself on the right hand side of my screen and allows me to take linked notes in IE or my Office apps.

One thing that always frustrated me about the docked window is that it’s a tad narrow for my tastes, which doesn’t leave me a lot of width to take notes. I have a wide screen display, so it would be nice if the docked window could share a bit more screen real estate with my browser window or Office app. Well, there is a solution, and it’s called click and drag. Crazy, I know.

So here’s a snapshot of my desktop and the original sizing:

To widen my OneNote window a bit, all I do is hover my mouse over the left frame of the OneNote window, then click and drag to the left. OneNote repositions itself and ensures that all other applications conform to the new size. To make it smaller again, just click and drag to the right. Here’s my new window sizing. Much better:


One Response to “OneNote 2010 QuickTip: Resizing the Docked Window”

  1. Tim Says:

    Thanks for all the great information. Based on your docked notes post above, it looks like you’re now using tags, something you didn’t bother with in the original discussion of your methodology. Could you explain why you are using them now – and how?

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